Trading conclusion


Apart from having a good strategy as I have shared with you above and the necessary
prerequisites to trade successfully. It is paramount to have a good reliable and trustworthy broker to
trade on their platform. When I started trading, I was introduced to one of the familiar broker out
there. My experience with this broker was very bad. They hunt my stop and I had series of slippage
on their platform which I called their attention to, unfortunately for me they use their terms and
conditions to rob me of my money. Many other traders who use their platform also experience this
same issue. I had to dump their platform and look for a better broker who will be plain and honest in
transacting business with me.

If you want to know a good broker, the first thing you will do is to search for Reviews about
their services from other traders who have been using their platform. You can search on Google or
you go to under broker review, you will see a list of all the brokers and the
views of several traders all over the world about their platform.

The second thing you look for is Customer Service. How fast do they reply when you mail them
about an issue or problem you are facing on their platform? Customer Service Relations is a key
integral part of any business. No matter how good your product is, if a business lacks good customer
relations, is just a matter of time the company will fold up. Customers have a way of spreading good
news about
a company that treats them well likewise otherwise. Great customer service is a key. If
you mail a broker and the broker takes 3-4 days to answer your query or they don’t even reply you
back at all, avoid such a broker.

The next thing you look for is their services. What do they offer? What instruments or currency
can you trade on their platform? Do they have Bonus on deposits? And several stuffs like that. You
must search on their website to find out what they offer and what makes them better than others.
These are some of the few brokers I used to trade. Since I have been trading with them I don’t
have any issue. So I can recommend them to you.

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