Forex Bot Day Trading for A Week

what is up guys my name is Dan Issel Oh welcome to the Dan de Silva experience today we’re gonna be copying be ahead for next video in this challenge I’m gonna try to take a thousand of my own dollars and well I’m gonna trade it in the forex market and see what happens but I’m gonna do it with a little bit of a twist I’m gonna use an automated software now we all have negative connotations about the forex market if you went into let’s just say YouTube and you type in Forex all you’re gonna see when you type in forex except you know B has a because a good friend of mine but all you’re gonna see is a bunch of people telling you that they’re making bit zillions of dollars using forex but not only that I’ve seen some of the most ridiculous stuff of just people standing on top of gold cars claiming that they made all this money from forex listen guys we know you’re full of it okay it’s very cringy and it is just really weird to see I would never ever ever wrap my car in gold all right ever so it’s really cringey regardless of that I’ve gone ahead and I’ve loaded a thousand dollars of my own money into my account so before we really dive deep into this I outline every single little thing that I mention in this challenge down below in the description well it’s in the resources in the description and it goes to Dan de Silva coast blog post slash whatever I call it but you can go ahead and take a look there all the links the resources everything that I’m doing is in there first things first that I want to go ahead and let you know right over here I funded my account and I do suggest this brokerage and like I said if you go ahead and take a look at the resources down below I’ll provide you a link to the brokerage and if you do sign up I do get a little bit of an affiliate Commission here for you signing up but like I said I’m using it and it would help me out greatly to pay for the editing and also pay for this case study as well so that would be really cool to help me out and if you decide to sign up under my link I will go ahead and provide you with a bonus and you can find out what that bonus is on the actual resources page so regardless I went ahead and funded my account with a thousand dollars but if you take a look at the deposit you can only use V load crypto or Bitcoin so I chose the crypto option and I generated an address and a lot of people don’t know this but you can actually go to a site like coin mama and you can buy it with a credit card as you can see right here this is my credit card that I use to purchase I hope you guys don’t steal my information and purchase it on your own we just stick to the issue at hand regardless how I did it was I went ahead and I purchased a thousand and five US Dollars exact and loaded it into my account and I just moved over the money I did an internal transfer and I moved it from my wallet to my trading account and now we’re here so the market actually opens at 5:00 p.m. it’s Sunday and the market opens at 5:00 p.m. but I’m using this certain little software that is automatically trading for me now let me open this software and like I said is that there’s a lot of nitty-gritty little details and information that really go into this but I just want to show you an document over the next week what happens I might lose all my money I might become a trillionaire I mean hey both are really cool so let me open up the software so you can see what I see and for the record I have to use a VPS a virtual private server because it runs on a you know it runs on a completely different computer so it’s connecting to the virtual server and as you can see I went ahead and loaded this account and as you can see right over here it says trade this is my account and the software is running now again I don’t really have anything to show you at this point so I’m going to come back to this video at a later time and it’ll execute trades hopefully today and we’ll see if it made any money and my phone is around here somewhere but I also have it on my phone the mt4 app and I’m going to keep track of all that as well and I’ll get notifications but we’re gonna go through everything here we’ll watch the account either lose money or grow and we’ll we’ll see what happens together good morning everybody it’s the day the first day that I’ve had this bot running all night so I’m currently in 14 positions but let me open up the software just so you can see exactly what’s going on and what I’m doing so again it’s been running since I think the first trade happened at like 11:00 p.m. last night err or so maybe midnight on Monday morning midnight so let me open up the software just so you can see what’s going on so as you can tell I have absolutely no idea what’s going on as a complete beginner like I said I have I really just don’t know what I’m looking at here but all I’m looking at is the open orders the open profit and loss as you can tell it just keeps going it just fluctuates down and up sometimes it’s positive sometimes like right now it’s negative as you can see on the left hand side but all in all I’m not I’m not necessarily terrified about this because it’s still it’s still really early in the day and I and I believe personally that this this is gonna play out in my favor so this software has been known I do know I do know a few people that are using this and they turn 50 thousand into a hundred and four thousand and roughly six months and they’re their win percentage is everybody who uses this typically their win percentages are 75% or higher so I have a lot of faith in this software especially as you can tell right here the numbers are moving and and and I’m about a I’m about to be positive here for for the first time or not anyway I’m not gonna micromanage this I’m going to come back later in the day I’m gonna just follow the mt4 app and see exactly how we’re going but this is the this is the graph that is literally up to date on the very moment and this is exactly what I wanted to just go ahead and show you the graph moves around so again I want to come back later in the day I’d say around 5 p.m. or so so in almost 10 hours and see where we are see what happens yeah I’ll catch you guys later today so this case study has been well needless to say one of my favorites because it’s been quite profitable at that but the craziest part is is I want to show you a few things I’m actually gonna go ahead and just show you inside this is the software that I’m using but what’s really important is I want you to take a look at the win rate and how many you know how many orders have actually been placed and more than anything how much money I’ve made which I’ll talk about in just a few seconds so the win rate has been eighty four point one percent and that’s thirty seven wins and 7 losses so that’s you know roughly forty four trades so out of forty four tree I’ve been profitable on eighty four point one percent of those and again I haven’t had to touch a single thing so now what I want to do is walk you through my empty for app and show you exactly what’s going on in there just so you can see the trades as they happen and yes this is a live account so what I want to show you inside of this app is inside of history well first things first you can see that this is a real account it’s a live account second thing is these are the open trades right now and the software handles all this however the software goes ahead and won’t let me lose and you’ll be able to see where it takes a loss and how much it actually bails out on around eight nine dollars is where it goes ahead and bails out however there are a few trades in here like the like the 0.5 0.5 the point 1 or the hope excuse me point oh five point oh five the point one those are my trades that I just kind of took and just to learn but I decided that that was really stupid and not to do that but regardless if I click on week you’ll see you’ll take a look because again I’ve only had this account open for 36 hours or so and we’re up seventy-eight dollars on the thousand and forty that I put inside the balance that I have now is around one thousand one hundred and nineteen dollars that you can see right at the bottom so eighty dollars is not bad at all considering you know a trade like this I didn’t have to take but I lost money on because I was being stupid just like this one as well I was being stupid this one I made money on but again it evened out given the fact that uh you know that I took some trades I shouldn’t have just trying to play around but regardless most of these trades eighty four percent of the trades that the software took have been profitable so right now 36 hours in we’re up almost eighty dollars and it’s it’s been green from from here on out so far today’s date is February 18th so I think we started on the 16th let’s go to the 18th so I’m gonna click ok and yeah so that’s the that’s the custom date range that’s what I made in those two particular or quote-unquote two days because today’s still the 18th today is not over it’s 11:05 in the morning from so we’re up $80 here and it’s really profitable so far I mean eight percent on my money is you know is is not bad whatsoever just for leaving it there so I’ll update you in just a few days with where we’re at and hopefully it stays green hopefully I can go ahead and have more than a 10 or 15 or heck even 20 or 30 percent gain on my money just from complete automation so again I’m not doing anything the the software
is doing everything for me so hopefully this also becomes green but the way it’s looking right now I don’t know I can’t foretell I can’t foresee so it is finally Friday the end of the case study and whoa okay whoa is what I have to say because holy cow what just happened today leading up to today was insane so first thing is first if you want to know the software you wanted to know the brokerage to use with the software if you want to know everything that I’m doing I’m creating a very detailed blog post it’ll be down below you can read everything on the blog how to set up the how to set up the auto trader all of that and again I’m not a financial advisor this worked for me it might not work for you I have to legally tell you all this so let’s just get into the results and this is gonna blow you away so this is directly from the software now again right over here you can see that over the course of the week it had a total trade volume of a hundred and twelve different trades and out of those trades it 196 of them and lost 16 for an eighty five point seven percent win rate for a total profit of 268.50 now if I go into my brokerage over here and we whip out the handy dandy calculator what I’m gonna do is let’s just go into the balance one two eight seven point eight two minus the initial thousand ninety-two I started off with for a total of two hundred and forty six dollars and ninety cents a little bit different from our two sixty eight fifty because again if I just go ahead and subtract two 68-58 we paid roughly twenty one dollars and sixty eight cents in fees regardless I made over two hundred and forty dollars so I’m gonna dive into my phone and show you everything right now so the very first thing I want to start off with is right over here you can see that this is a live real account now let me just go and show you the history now this was obviously the last day which is today and let me just go to the week because that’s the most important part you can see two hundred forty six dollars and ninety cents here is exactly what I was able to take home after fees so you can see there’s a lot of little trades here in the software went ahead and shorted a lot of times and then also went and bought a lot of times towards and of the week however here’s the caveat that that happened at the end of the day all right this is something absolutely incredible and something that you’re gonna need to make sure you follow me on instagram at DaSilva because i’m gonna be making an update and that’s the only place you’re gonna be able to see this update what happened on Friday well first things first I was up like I don’t know maybe 30 40 dollars on top of what I was already up here today the 51 so I thought today was actually supposed to be like a hundred dollar day a ten-percent day it’s a closeout however the market went completely sideways on me and this is what happened right over here we’re at negative eighty eight dollars and 32 cents when the market closed which you can see all these trades were pretty deep right however if we take a look at the chart what happened here was out of nowhere the spike just I mean just the rally that happened right over here is incredible and you could already tell that the software was buying you know it was it was buying pretty high already so and then it started to go down so regardless I’m negative eighty eight dollars and 32 cents by the end of Friday in my actual account okay meaning that if I were to close ever position I would be down negative $88 is still in profit still very profitable however the software that I’m using I want to make it very very clear has an average win rate of 75 percent meaning out of all of these on average 75% should be winners by the time the market opens up this upcoming Sunday so again I don’t know what’s gonna happen but the only possible way for you to ever know is to follow me at DaSilva on Instagram because by the time this video is released this Monday I mean we’ll know what happens on Instagram by this Monday I’ll post two hours after this video is released the results so you guys have enough time to come and check it out make sure you go and look I’m gonna be posting the results there and what happened so regardless of all of this the end of the de craziness happened I’m still in profit even if I were to close out and sell right now I’m still in profit just keep that in mind however how much profit if I had to close out let’s just say at minus 100 we would be at roughly one hundred and forty six dollars in profit what I want to say is that for me not having to do anything literally I didn’t do a single trade like I’d let the software do its thing for me to not do anything and be up 24 percent is phenomenal okay now let’s say I close out of every single one of these positions manually being up 14 percent for doing nothing is absolutely phenomenal so in the description I’m going to outline everything in a blog post and you can go ahead and you can see the brokerage I use the software I used and how I funded the account as well and how you can do the same thing and again I have to add in this legal disclaimer I’m not a financial adviser I don’t know if this will ever work for you I don’t know how long this will work for but it’s working right now and it’s pretty dang profitable as you’ve seen I’ve already told a few friends to go ahead and do this and I actually have a few friends that are also profitable as well so take a look at that blog post so if you want to be in the loop with what happens when the market reopens and I’m down this negative $88 make sure you follow me at DaSilva so the case study continues there make sure you subscribe dan Pham notification squad I’ll catch you guys soon

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